Oh When the Saints

August 3, 1959 The Kingston Trio are featured on the cover of Life Magazine!

singing a lot of choruses

The Kingston Trio’s version of Oh When the Saints is so much fun. You know how vocal groups try to be so precision like and clean? This trio is downright rowdy and having a blast. They remind me of my friend George Wurzbach‘s old group Modern Man  – great singing and funny as hell. Look them up.  Actually, George has this great song A Much Better View of the Moon that The Kingston Trio just recorded. Yes, they are still around.

Now I have 2 sons, both musicians – Casey the singer and Dylan the bass player but when Dylan was 4 years old Oh When the Saints was his big singing number. He would get in front of the mic and stand there very stoic and we would do 5 choruses of this song modulating up every chorus. It was very impressive. I will try to find a clip of that although Dylan will probably kill me for posting it. It’s so annoying to have proud parents parading their children throughout the world wide web, but tough.

This is how we roll.


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