Oh, Pretty Woman

July 19, 1981 “Roy Orbison Day” was celebrated in Odessa, Texas! (via on-this-day.com)


Today is 104th video of this yearlong blog and so this my 104th different shirt because my wife decided that I need a different shirt for every video. Normally I wear two or three tee shirts and then rotate. Now my drawers are full of shirts, my closet is full of shirts and now I can’t find the damn two or three tee shirts I really love. These are the huge problems I’m dealing with.

I played at the Groove last night with the Stingers.  We have a segment in the show where we have a dance contest of sorts. One of my lead singers will pick contestants out of the crowd and they come up onstage and “shake what their mama gave them!” Sometime they just let it all hang out, and I do mean all hang out.

I would like to say, “Oh, Pretty Women,” and of course all our guests and friends and fans are gorgeous, but mostly what I can say on these nights is, “Oy, Pretty Drunk Women (and drunk dudes, too)!”

But hey, we’re all having a blast, and that’s what counts!

Having a Roy Orbison Day is a great idea.  Here’s Oh, Pretty Women to celebrate!

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