Nothing From Nothing

October 19, 1974 Billy Preston’s Nothing from Nothing hit #1!

day 196

I took Dylan to an Eric Clapton concert 6 or 7 years ago and Billy Preston was playing organ and piano. Dylan said, “Dad, thats sounds like you.” Well,  I did listen to Billy Preston and actually his other song Will it Go Round in Circles has a definitive piano lick that I learned the second it came out.

It was a beautiful inside day today with the rain coming down here in the Poconos.  I kept the fireplace stoked all day long from the minute I got up.  I practiced all sorts of music today from Chopin to Springsteen and scales and arpeggio’s and Debussy and blues.

Now it’s time to watch some TV.  I guess I won’t be talking Yankees anymore!

Nothing From Nothing is exactly what the Yankees did against Detroit.


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