Nothing Can Change This Love

June 24, 1964 Sam Cooke begins a famous two-week booking at New York’s Copacabana that would come to define the beginning of “supper-club soul.” (via

all good

Today is Claudia’s and my 28th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary my beautiful wife.  I am so lucky to have you in my life.  I have been married (shy of a year) half of my life!

Claudia and I were best friends for years before that one day we both realized that that we were supposed to be together. We each had our own studio apartment on 57th Street.  I was on 8th ave and she was on 3rd ave and we would do that walk back and forth two or three times a day and we realized we should get an apartment together.

Our first apartment was on East 76th Street.  It had a nice big quiet terrace in the back.

Our second apartment was on 77th between York and the river looking into the schoolyard.  Claudia loved that apartment in a landmark building. Very soulful.

Our third apartment was a one bedroom in a high rise on 93rd and 1st ave which is where Casey and Dylan were born. It started getting a little cramped so Claudia walked around the neighborhood looking for a apartment with a backyard and here we’ve been for twenty one years in this apartment, raising our kids,  writing our music, with all our pets —  dogs, cats, iguana, turtles and a hedgehog!

Sorry to be giving you my personal background but if you were here I’d make you all watch all the kids’ birthday videos and then watch our wedding video. You’d probably make an excuse that you had to leave once I started bringing out the family christmas videos but hey that’s the way we roll.

Nothing Can Change this Love – Sam Cooke my idol.

Nothing can change this love, Claudia my wife.

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  1. I remember your wedding and am so happy for you and my beautiful cousin Claudia. I would gladly watch your videos as it gives me joy to witness yours!

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