(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman

February 9, 1942 Happy Birthday Carole King!

day 308

I’ve played this song for the greatest R&B and gospel singers and it was years before I figured out that Carole King wrote it.  Of course she did.  She’s one of the most freakin talented songwriters ever!

Wanted to go see her and James Taylor together last year but, story of my life, I ended up gigging and yep, I missed it!

Well, Claudia said, “You can’t sing Natural Woman – it’s a girl’s song,” and i said, “Hell if I can’t!” So here it is! No snide comments or emails.

I like singing girls’ songs. There, I said it!

Girls seem to get the great ballads.

Happy birthday Carole.  Hope you’re having a great day.


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