My Way

December 30, 1968: Frank Sinatra was recording My Way!

day 267

My Way is the power ballad of standards and this is one of my top 5 Sinatra favs. It seems to me that Sinatra did everything his way.

Well we are back home after 3 days in the Poconos. The city snow isn’t as pretty as the country snow,  but the country doesn’t have the 24 hour deli on the corner. It’s good to have both!

Last day of regular football. It’s a shame no NY teams made it but I’m enjoying rooting for the Redskins right now. Wish i could just stay on the couch but Dylan wants a ride down to the village and since I don’t have a good parking spot, why not?

anyway, here’s My Way (if it ever finishes uploading!)


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