My Boyfriend’s Back

August 31,1963 girl group The Angels started a three week run at #1 on the US singles chart with My Boyfriend’s Back!


My Boyfriend’s Back opened the Girl Groups section in Beehive.

There was a period when all I was doing was putting together girl group medleys. The Shirelles, The Ronettes, The Shangr-Las, The Supremes — and Claudia and I had some killer arrangements.  We’ve had a bunch of calls recently about doing Beehive again – we’ll see if it all works out!  What I love about this song and this whole period is the claps. They start the song, and if you see footage of these girl groups the claps were part of the choreography. Also this song starts off with a little rap which is kind of cool. And not so much in this song, but in lots of the others, the background parts were like shoobie do do wap do wa –  which I think is pretty damn funky!

Kind of under the weather today so just lazily laying around with the wife eating too many pretzels and chips waiting for the Yankee game to start.

Everybody have a good holiday weekend!


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