November 19, 1976 Van Morrison’s Moondance album is certified gold!


While I was a senior in high school I started freelancing and I was in some different rock bands that were playing colleges. College mixers were big gigs. In high school we partied a lot but these college parties were off the chain.

So I’m playing at this big mixer at the University of Bridgeport. There were multiple kegs of beer and 5 or 6 big bowls of punch and the whole placed reeked of reefer. I had some punch.  It tasted good so I had some more.  I started feeling a little strange but all was good.

We went onstage and the only thing I remember from that night was that we jammed on Moondance for a 1/2 hour.  You could get away with that in those days, and I remember taking a solo and I started very low on the keyboard and worked my way up to the middle of the keyboard then I went higher and higher.  The keyboard had only so many notes but my solo needed to go higher so my fingers went off to the right of the keyboard, and I was playing in the air but I heard the notes go higher right where they should have been. People looking at me were like WTF and I was like, Yeah you hear it too, you know you do!

What a trip!



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