Monster Mash

October 31st!  Happy Halloween!

my backup singers

Kind of a crazy Halloween!

Traffic in New York City today was horrendous! Since there are no subways everyone took out their cars, and it was mayhem. By the time I got back home everyone was out in costume even my adult son and my adult niece (seen here making cameos in today’s video)!

Now they are out running the streets in those costumes!

I used to be so proud of how much candy I could hustle.  Halloween night  I would be sick to my stomach but still proud!

I hope my son and niece bring something home for poppa!

Although now that I  think of it, they were going bar hopping not trick or treating.  The least they can do is buy me a damn Hershey bar or sumthing!

Whatever!  Happy Halloween.  MONSTER MASH!

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