Me and Bobby McGee

June 22, 1936 Happy Birthday Kris Kristofferson!


Damn it’s hot today – the third day of a heatwave in NYC.

Today I played Me and Bobby McGee, written by the birthday boy Kris Kristofferson & Fred Foster. I’ve played this song a thousand times for countless singers.  It was in our Janis medley in Beehive.  We had so many Janis’s – a very hard role to cast.  I’ve mentioned Laura Theodore before –  she originated our Beehive Janis and was a very tough act to follow!

Anyway, it’s so freakin’ hot.  Especially in our living room which isn’t air conditioned because it’s connected to our back yard and our kind of windows don’t work with air conditioners.  We have tried the stand alone ones but they don’t work.  We have this industrial fan thats great but we can’t keep it on when I’m recording,  so I would get halfway thru the song and my brain would start to melt and I couldn’t remember what song I was singing and it took a long time to get this song done.  Busted flat in Baton Rouge

Casey’s flight is delayed so we’re picking him up at 9 and then it’s off to our JFK chinese buffet dinner. I’m gonna fess up about another tradition.  Whenever I would come back from another city or country I would bring the boys back a present from that region. Sometimes I’d have to get something in the airport but the boys would always look forward to what I brought home.

So once, coming back from a gig in Florida, I got into the house and the boys were waiting and I realized I FORGOT to get them anything.  So quick thinking, I told them I left their present out in the car.  I ran out to the deli and and bought four oranges and told them I’d climbed this great orange tree in Florida and I pick them myself! Two for each of them.

Sorry, guys!

It’s so hot…I’m feeling nearly faded as my jeans.



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