Mack the Knife

May 14, 1987 Happy Birthday Casey Breves 


May 14, 1987 is one of the two most important days in my history!

Claudia was ordered to bed rest for the last two months of her pregnancy. Meanwhile I was doing eight shows a week of Beehive. So the whole cast of Beehive was involved this birth. I was in the room when Casey was born and I took pictures of everything, and I mean everything. It was a good thing I was behind the camera because if I was any closer I would have fainted!

We didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl, but we were naming him or her Casey either way.  All the grandparents were in the waiting room. All of our friends were on the way. Poor Claudia just went through this whole long ordeal and in the true Brevis tradition I threw a party at the hospital. I was strutting around holding Casey showing him off and they took Claudia in another room to rest, and she still says I forgot about her. Oops.  

By the next day I managed to get a little rest.  Claudia’s hospital bed sure was comfy for a little father/son nap. 

Anyway, our firstborn is 25 years old today.  He’s a magnificent man who can sing like an angel and has a heart of gold.  He shares a birthday with Bobby Darin, so John Malino (Casey’s godfather) and I celebrated by doing Mack the Knife.


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