June 16, 1977 Kenny Rogers’ Lucille was at #1 on the UK singles chart.


It seems there are two kind of songs. Emotion songs and story songs. Country music is usually about the story song.  That’s not to say there aren’t emotions, but they’re presented through the story.  Lucille was the first country song I ever learned and I loved it cause the character ends up making a moral choice.  I say the character  because Kenny didn’t write the song, so he’s telling someone else’s story.  In this kind of song can see the movie in your mind.  You don’t need the video to explain it.  It’s very clear with a beginning, middle and end.

Claudia and I spent some time in Nashville when we were working on our show, SHOWDOWN.  We stayed in a nice little hotel near the airport.  I remember that because when we were swimming in the pool, which was lovely, planes would fly overhead.  This is Claudia’s worst fear. She’s not fond of planes overhead. But in Nashville we found this great soul food restaurant and we went to lunch there every day. Of course thats when I was allowed to eat ribs, pulled pork, mac and cheese… It was really a great trip in a great town.

The only thing that wasn’t so great about that trip is that while we were in Nashville, our beautiful, old dog Ethel died at home, and we weren’t there. Casey and Dylan had to deal with it, and then they had to bring her to the vet to get cremated.  Ethel was a yellow lab and the sweetest dog ever. She was the runt of the litter and when I went to choose her, upstate, five sibling puppies all ran out of a barn and Ethel was the last one out — a little slower then her brothers & sisters.  I knew right away she was the one.

Hey, I think I just wrote a country song about my dog.

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