Love Will Keep Us Together

June 21, 1975, Captain and Tennille started a four week run at #1 with Love Will Keep Us Together!

my secret weapons

Today was cleaning day in the Poconos.  

Casey is arriving tomorrow and will be vacationing with friends at the house! Some people would have hired a cleaning team to come in but we brought in our secret weapons!  The Grandma and the Grandpa. My mother-in-law Juliette is a cleaning machine and my father-in-law Mike is Mr. Fixit and Make-it-Work again.  Thank God because Claudia and I somehow missed those cleaning and fixit genes.

The house is clean, fixed and organized!  Now that’s a good two days on the lake!


Claudia and I can’t wait to see our son Casey tomorrow. We’re gonna pick him up at the airport with my in-laws and Heather my niece — wish Dylan could come but he’s working —  and we are going to do a family tradition. A trip to JFK means a trip to Chinese Buffet!!!!

Love Will Keep Us Together is a good tune…love my family!

I want to give a shout out to my cousin Maureen who’s in the hospital and I hope she feels better.

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