Love Me Tender

August 22, 1956 Elvis Presley starts shooting his first movie “Love Me Tender.”


I spent the morning working with the Disney crew  and Elle Winter, their new 13 year old star and contestant of Disney’s Next Big Thing!

It’s astounding to watch how much work and how many people it takes to do a 2 minute piece for t.v.

Elle’s original song will be released on Radio Disney soon.  It’s called “Day Away.”  This single is a really popping dance tune but when we go out on these certain gigs, we have to strip it down to either piano and vocal or guitar and vocal.  There’s something so nice about hearing one voice and one instrument. This way you really hear the words and the emotion of the singer and you can tell if the singer can really sing and Elle Winter totally delivered today and rocked it!

Now Elvis on Love Me Tender is guitar and voice and it sounds like Elvis is right in your living room and singing it just for you.  His voice quality and emotion is probably the best there is. I guess that’s why they call him the king!

Elvis you rock!!!!! I wish I got to play for you.

Here’s my version of Love Me Tender for Today in Music!


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