Love Is Blue

March 4, 1925 Happy Birthday Paul Mauriat!

day 331

Mrs. Stumpf, my first piano teacher – God rest her soul – made me play this song with some flourishy arrangement when I told her I wanted to play rock ‘n roll.  She probably thought this was heavy metal – bless her little heart. But at the time I was young and rebellious and thought, “this sucks,” even though I would never say that to Mrs. Stumpf. God love her!

You could never raise your voice in her studio, but all the while I was in there I was thinking very loudly, Jesus Mary and Joseph get me the hell out of here. I was by far her most troubled student.

Love is Blue is kind of corny in English but very pretty in French. If my good friend Elodie were still in NY i would have made her sing it in French!

Anyway, Mrs. Stumpf, this is not rock ‘n roll.  Just sayin’.

Paul Mauriat had Love Is Blue at #1 for 5 weeks in 1968.  Happy Birthday, dude!


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