Louie Louie

November 9 1963: The Kingsmen release Louie Louie!


Louie Louie is another great bar band song made famous again in one of my favorite movies Animal House.

It’s got a little Jamaican thing going on.  I’m gonna sing this tonight at the casino. The Stingers are playing at Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway  tonight 10 -2.

Some good news! Elle Winter has moved on to the next round of voting in Disney’s NBT.

So everyone vote for her this weekend through Monday.  That’s tonight, Saturday, Sunday & Monday.  There’s lots of ways to vote.  The easiest way is to text NBT to DISNEY and when you get a response, text 2 back.  You can text ‘2‘ ten times!  It’s quick and easy!

here’s the vid of the day:  Louie Louie (more tomorrow)



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