Lord I’m Discouraged

April 28, 1934 Delta Bluesman Charley Patton dies.

Caroline Hirsch (owner of Caroline’s) used to own a club called Delta 88 on Eighth Avenue where I played.  Whenever I see Caroline we reminisce about the good old days.

It was a great bar with BBQ and Blues. What else does a real man need? Yeah, well now I eat vegetables and fish (no BBQ for me) but I still play the blues. Does this make me less of a man?

Charley Patton was a legend in delta blues.  Delta blues is where bluegrass, gospel, and blues all hang out.  This is sort of the model for a new band I’m putting together called Willie & the Swagga.

My buddy Chris Fischer, great keyboardist and musician, created the caricature below for my new band.

Willie & the Swagga

I’m in the studio these days recording original songs written by Claudia and myself for Willie & the Swagga and should be done by the fall.  It’s always good to go back and play old Charley tunes cause as my friend Ann Ruckert says, “We’re just standing on the shoulders of the great ones who came before us.”

Lord I’m Discouraged is one of my favorite Charley Patton tunes…

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