Lonely Teardrops

October 15, 1958 Jackie Wilson was recording Lonely Teardrops!

day 192

Before we wrote Beehive we had the show Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – A Motown Revue- and we had the fantastic Herb Rawlings performing Lonely Teardrops as Jackie Wilson with kicks over the mic stand and splits – he WAS Jackie Wilson. He was pretty amazing.  I lost track of Herb – I think he moved to Vegas and was doing James Brown in the show Legends!

Another great singer who nails this song is C.E. Smith!

In the late fifties, singers like Jackie Wilson, the Isley Brothers, Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye combined doo wop and soul and created a new model for R&B singers!

Lonely Teardrops is perfect example of that!

more tomorrow!

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  1. I am just learning the chords on the keyboard and would wish that you would email me a easy version of Lonely Teardrops to play. Thank you and I love you playing it. Randall

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