Lola’s Theme (original)

Lola’s Theme (music by Skip Brevis, 1990)

may 26th

This song was written for “Lola” obviously, but who was Lola?  There was a restaurant in the late 80’s early 90’s called Lola on 22nd Street between 5th and 6th.  It was co-owned by its namesake and host and manager Lola, a sassy smart businesswomen who loved music.

I came into her club, hired to make a show out of her gospel brunch on Sundays, and I began a long stint at Lola. We had just came off the road with touring companies of Beehive, and she asked if i could start a band there in her front room. It was more like a long hallway and you wouldn’t expect there to be music in there but she did have a piano so this is how the Stingers got started — me with a drum machine and a little synth bass and 5 of the best singers! We had a magnificent run there.

Lola was innovative and tough. She would bring in all the great tap dancers for one night with me on piano, she had Gospel night, Latin night, ect and we did all kinds of shows and music.

One afternoon she asked me to write a theme song for her and I did and today’s song is the theme I wrote for her.  I’d play it when she came in the room, when she walked by the piano — I played it a lot and this is how I first wrote it, as an instrumental.  Years later my buddy John Malino put words to it and he still plays it with his band The John Malino Band.

Lola got sick and moved to Florida and she passed away a few years ago. I did get to see her once there when the Stingers played at Jimmy Buffet’s club, and she thanked me for all her great musical memories and I thanked her for years she let me play, drink, eat and develop the Stingers in her club!

I know a lot of musicians and singers from those days will remember Lola as I have.  She was one of a kind.

more next week!

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