Little Red Rooster

September 2, 1964, The Rolling Stones recorded their version of the Willie Dixon song Little Red Rooster. (via


day 149

Back to the blues again. Every great band does blues covers.  The Stones covered many blues but had a hit with this one – it went to #1 on the UK singles chart and was the only blues to hit #1 on the UK pop charts.

The funny thing is Dylan and I and my best bud John Malino went to see Johnny Winter a couple of weeks ago, and Johnny Winter, the legendary blues guitarist covered STONES songs.  He did an extented jam on Jumping Jack Flash with Rick Derringer and then did Beast of Burden — so there you have it, it all comes around full circle.

I listened to a lot of versions of this song today.  I like the Big Mama Thornton version of Red Rooster best.  Sam Cooke also covered it but in a soul version.

Well, Claudia and I are in the Poconos with my in-laws and just came back from one of those restaurants up here where the size of each entree is big enough for a small army, so needless to say I am sitting here writing in a food coma.

Which reminds me of when I used to go upstate — not too far from the Poconos. I think the town was Ellenville. My friend Joey Amico and his 4 brothers had a great lake house and their mom Mildred was a well known chef at that time, and at every meal there was a sauce or a gravy or a dip to go with everything you ate. I guess she was a sauce kinda cook. Well I thought that was brilliant and still do. But I remember always being stuffed after every one of her meals!

Those trips upstate were great. We’d go on extended bike rides in the country on the roads, no helmets, we would ride alongside cars and not think twice. No cell phones. I think we each had less than a couple dollars in our pockets and we rode in bathing suits in case we came to another lake or waterfall. And the only rule we had was to make it back for dinner. We were fearless as kids.  We never wore sunscreen and I remember being crippled with sunburn at times but we always made it back for Mildred’s saucy meals.

I don’t know why I’m talking about food. I’m stuffed.

Oh jeez, Claudia just brought out pudding.

She’s trying to kill me.

All right. I like pudding.

Anyway, Little Red Rooster coming up right below for Today in Music!

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