Light My Fire

June 3, 1967 The Doors’ Light My Fire was released in the US.


I was never a big Jim Morrison fan. I did like Light My Fire and Roadhouse Blues and I did like the fact that Ray Manzarek — the organ player — played bass with his left hand, one of my specialties. I had to do that mostly because a lot of times there wasn’t enough $ in the budget to hire a bass player. Apologies to my bass player friends and family.

Now there weren’t many guys my wife had a crush on other than me.  One of them was Jim Morrison, the other was Donny Osmond. (a stoner and a mormon. Where do I fit in?)

When Casey was about 9 months old I went on tour to France and Claudia and Casey came for the first two weeks in Paris.  We stayed in this great hotel overlooking the city and we walked all over. I wore Casey on my back. He loved riding back there. Even now at 25 years of age he occasionally asks for that piggyback ride.

We took a long train ride and walk to see Jim Morrison’s grave at Pere Lachaise. It’s a very big tourist attraction outside of Paris, and I know we have a picture somewhere of Casey and us in that cemetery.  At that time Jim Morrison was an unlisted tenant, but fans had arrows painted along the walkways and we found his grave and a grafitti’d bust of Jim himself. There were piles of gifts under his statue – cigarettes and whiskey and photos and flowers and letters.  Later that year the statue was stolen.  We definitely have a picture of Casey on it someplace, maybe in the Poconos house.

We always said that Casey would grow up thinking that sleep was a mode of travel, because every time  he went sleep he would wake up in another location.  That was true in his early years. We took him everywhere!

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