Let’s Twist Again

May 29, 1962 Chubby Checker’s Let’s Twist Again won a Grammy for Best Rock and Roll Recording!

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I think I’ve mentioned before that I played for Chubby Checker on the Phil Donahue show … There couldn’t have been a nicer guy then Chubby. I had my trio on that gig – Peter Brown on bass and Peter Grant on drums. The three of us played for so many artists in those days.  It was a pleasure.  Anyway we played Let’s Twist Again to close the show and the audience members all got up and danced. This song has such a happy vibe.  When I play it at parties with the Stingers, people of a certain age (that is, old people like me) get up and smile and dance immediately. It’s a song that defines a generation.

In our show Beehive we wanted that same energy to close the first act.  So Claudia wrote Beehive Dance (a great rockin song) where the cast relives all the dances from the 60’s.  Beehive Dance is still out there on the road with Beehive.  Dozens – hundreds –  of girls have sung it over the years. Hey you out there – if you were in the cast of Beehive and participated in Beehive Dance let us know.  Someone has contacted us to put that in a movie and we’d love to pull a Beehive Dance reunion!

Rock on!

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