Let It Go (original)

A few years ago Claudia and I were asked to submit a song for I think it was a Revlon commercial.  We didn’t get the gig but this song, Let It Go, developed out of the little jingle/songlet we wrote for that submission.

I forgot how much I really like this tune and how much I like to sing it myself.  We’d recorded a version of it originally with the fabulous Ms. Sophie Buskin!  I think I’ll resurrect this one and play it at tomorrow’s (June 24th) Songwriters Circle that I’m hosting at the Red Lion.  Lots of great talent coming down (in fact I believe that Sophie’s fabulous dad David Buskin is on the bill) for this SGA circle we do every last Monday of the month.

AND by the way, tomorrow is Claudia and my 29th wedding anniversary which we will be celebrating at the Red Lion with her parents and my mother and Dylan we probably be gigging there so he’ll join us and we’ll probably go all out and have fries instead of a salad with our veggie wraps in honor of the day.  Okay, so this year is a low key anniversary, but just you wait until our 30th!!  Cooking up something big.

ps.  Ok.  So. I thought i’d leave Claudia to her writing and record this myself and somehow this video is upside down.  (anyone out there know how to flip a video on vimeo?) LOL  oh well!  more next week.  hopefully rightside up!

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