Let It Be Me

December 15, 1959 The Everly Brothers record Let It Be Me  in New York City.

yep, santas

I’ve always liked Let It Be Me.  I’ve had to sing it numerous times as a first dance with the Stingers.  It’s usually done in nice two part harmony but I couldn’t get my wife to sing along cause she don’t feel so good tonight.  But you know she was thinking the parts.  She always has the harmony straight.

Holy Santa, batman!  It is Santa Con in NYC today and Claudia and I braved the streets to get video for Casey’s Christmas song.  Too funny.  No, we didn’t wear costumes but about 98% of the rest of Bleecker Street, 3rd Avenue, MacDougal Street and 14th Street were in a variety of Santa, snowman, elf, angel and other reddish attire!  Beards optional.

We ate lunch at Saigon Shack and then went a santa hunting!

i hope we can get his new video out in the next day or so.  Its always fun recording Christmas songs with the boy!

Let It Be Me!  more tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Let It Be Me

  1. I’m looking forward to the video and Casey’s Christmas song!

    The Stingers are an incredible band – so glad I got to see them! And you! Give Claudia a big hug from me. I’m sorry she wasn’t feeling well enough to harmonize with you!

    • sorry you had to leave so fast! hope everyone’s ok and glad we saw you! hope it doesn’t take another year to see you guys again!!!

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