Leap of Faith (original)


I wrote this song years ago — it was a fluffy love song at the time with some meaningless words as a placeholder for my melody  which i liked, and I had all intention of coming back to it to clean up the lyric.

But that might have taken me another 3 months so once again I turned to my prolific wife Claudia and 2 hours later she delivered this great lyric.

I was at the doctor’s today for a checkup and these days i have Claudia come with me into the exam room and the office just in case the doc asks a hard question (actually any question) or starts talking medical mumbo jumbo talk.  Claudia introduced herself as my wingman and that she is!

The only thing i remember from my doc visit today is that I gained 8 pounds and  that bummed me out until Claudia told me the scale must have been messed up. Now that’s a good wingman!

I’m a couple days late this week with my blog.  I know you are all so upset!!!  We spent the weekend in Pennsylvania swimming, going to the movies, eating a LOT, hanging with family and finding baby deer and wild turkeys in the woods — all this without a laptop, so the blog had to wait!

more next week and Happy July 4th!

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