Lay, Lady, Lay

February 20, 1969 Bob Dylan is recording Lay, Lady, Lay!

day 319

Bob Dylan is one of the great songwriters of our time but these lyrics  – lay across my big brass bed – are a little gross. Who has a brass bed anyway? 

I am possibly the worst fix-it man in the world.  Once something breaks in our house it stays broke. Casey made us aware of this and it’s true. Our dishwasher broke years ago so we just washed dishes by hand from then on and years later had it removed and had the super put in another cabinet. The boys’ bedroom window and the door to their room. The toilet paper holder was down for 6 months before my father-in law Mike just couldn’t take it anymore and fixed it himself! My fence in the backyard a year and a half down. My rear passenger car door 4 months. The list goes on and on.

And now my freaking living room TV is down. This is an EMERGENCY and has to get fixed tomorrow! Oh, also i have 4 keys dead on my gigging keyboard,2 years now,oh yeah one of the legs on my weber BBQ is bent up-3 years!

My brain has been screwed up since birth and that is probably the one thing that I do consistently try to fix.  Not always successful, but always trying.  I think that’s why I don’t have the time or focus to fix the other stuff.  Priorities.

Well, time to go lay across my big not brass bed and watch some bedroom tv with my wife. (cause the living room tv is broken, remember?)

Lay, Lady, Lay!


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