Last Train to Clarksville

September 10, 1966 The Monkees’ Last Train to Clarksville hit the charts!

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I loved The Monkees as a kid and watched every show.  The songs were so perky and fun!  Last Train to Clarksville was their debut song, written by writers Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart! Micky Dolenz sang this classic and I still love it today.

This was a Don Kirshner show! Claudia and her cousin worked for Don Kirshner in the early eighties – my wife loved working for him! They had great box seats right behind the visitor’s dugout in Yankee Stadium and we went to lots of games.  People in that section would say some mean ugly stuff to the visiting team as they came in and out of the dugout. I think they have fixed that now and you can get thrown out but in the old days it was hateful. I never liked it. Even though I might despise the visiting team it wasn’t personal.

My good buddy Wayne Avers who played with with the Stingers for years left our fold to tour with the Monkees and then with Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones as they went around doing their solo acts.  What a fun gig.

I loved in the tv show when Davy fell in love (which was often!) they would would put twinkling stars in his and the girl’s eyes! A cute, corny running joke!

Sad to lose Davy Jones this year.  But I’ll always get a great lift watching the Monkees!


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