Last Dance

May 17, 2012  Donna Summer passed away this morning.

feel good music

I had plans to do a different song today when Dylan told me Donna Summer had passed away.

I loved Donna Summer.  She was a real singer.  I’ve accompanied some of the best in the world and it’s those real singers I appreciate most in my life.

I just so happened to have the amazing Sam Tsui over the house tonight in a rehearsal, so I had him sing one of of my favorite Donna Summer songs – Last Dance.  The Stingers end most parties with Last Dance.  Sam sang the hell out of it!!!!!

All of Donna’s songs were feel good party songs, so although I’m saddened to hear of her passing, I know we will celebrate her songs forever and have a great time doing so!

6 thoughts on “Last Dance

  1. A fitting, joyous tribute! Donna would be proud! Great voice and Skip, your piano “sounds like a carnival!”

  2. As always the incomparable Sam Tsui — great that you two got to work together. This was a perfect song for Sam to sing and he was wonderful as ever.

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