November 15 1980, Kenny Rogers started a six week run at #1 with Lady!

day 222

Kenny Rogers 2 days in a row. Can’t complain. I love his songs. Love his voice. Lionel Richie wrote Lady and I love him too.  All good.

Lot of running around today.  On the subway.  Off the subway. On the subway again and a couple of cabs in there somewhere.  I am tired, I tell ya.

It’s getting to be Festival Chorus season.  I’ve been conducting the – first it was Brooklyn Union Gas, then it was Keyspan and now it’s the National Grid Festival Chorus forEVER!  We’re the best holiday choir in the city!!  And you can find us during the season in the lobby of Metrotech and off in nursing homes, pre-k’s, hospitals and schools.  It’s my favorite time of year and i’m thankful that we’re still rocking it.  i’ll post a schedule for the public dates and maybe some a you will come on down!

Speaking of holidays, next week is Thanksgiving and the Stingers will be at the Red Lion on Thanksgiving Eve – it’s always so much fun the night before turkey day, so i hope you can join us there.

And as always, i’ll be back here tomorrow.  by the way, this is DAY 222 out of 365 planned videos & blog entries.  Moving right along.

Here’s Lady.




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