Lady Madonna

February 3, 1968: The Beatles are recording Lady Madonna!


Always happy to sing a Beatles tune.  And I love Lady Madonna.  It sort of got a Motown thing to it.

I had to wait for the Superbowl to end before I could record.  My team lost but I’m not going to take it personally since neither team was from NY, but all in all it was a great football season with great rookie players who turned out to be gladiators!

Claudia made fresh pizza from scratch with an anchovy infused dough/crust and she made some guacamole to dip the crusts in. Then we ate pistachio nuts and now popcorn and we splurged on Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches!

I thought Beyonce was incredible. She’s got it all – from her voice to her dancing to her gorgeous looks to her songs! I liked she had an all girl band that kicked ass. Great spectacle!!!




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