King of the Road

January 2, 1936 Happy Birthday Roger Miller!

day 270

I had the 45 of King of the Road and played it over and over. I must of been 11 or 12 years old and had this crappy little record player with the speaker in it. I had a stack of 45’s all without covers piled in my room and would abuse the record until it couldn’t play anymore because of all the scratches. I can remember always knocking the needle forward to stop the skip!

Now if there’s a slight hiss in any of my songs on my playlist I can’t listen to it – my ears have become so sensitive!

Well I got thumbs up from the doc today on my physical.  He said I was the posterboy of health. He also said not to get cocky and make sure i buckle my seatbelt and not to text while driving and he told me don’t go skiing or skateboarding because most of his healthy patients come in with some kind of accident or injury cause they were feeling so healthy they went out and skied off a mountain!

Doctors orders and I always try to follow them.

Happy Birthday Roger Miller!  Here’s King of the Road!

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