Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning

February 22, 1994 American blues violinist Papa John Creach dies.

day 321

My all time favorite band in high school was Hot Tuna which was the rhythm section for Jefferson Airplane, and their fiddle player was Papa John Creach who played low down dirty blues. My friend Mark knew every word, every riff, he lived and breathed Hot Tuna. ¬†Sometime’s it’s more fun watching an all out fan sing the songs instead of watching the real artist on stage. I always watch the crowd at concerts so i can tell who the real fans are and who are just tourists.

Heading off to the Poconos tomorrow. I wish it would warm up!

Oh well, the fireplace will be crack-a-lackin.

And the lamps will be trimmed and burning!

Here ya go, for Today in Music, a little bit of Hot Tuna.


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