Karma’s My Bitch (original)

Karma’s My Bitch (written by Brevis & Brevis 2013) is a song we wrote not too long ago and I have hopes of recording it at some point with Willie & the Swagga.   I’ve been playing it live and it’s fun.  Fun to sing along to…. Come on, you can sing it.  Karma’s my bitch!  Karma’s my bitch!  I like the idea behind it.   Let Karma work it all out.

Well TONIGHT Monday, June 3 at Rockwood Music Hall I am debuting Willie & the Swagga — our first gig and i thought that it would be the album release party but we’re about 2 weeks away from having it mastered so we will set a date for that party soon.

It’s been a crazy, busy month and that’s just how we like it!


“You get what you get cause it all comes around again and again!”

Hope to see some of you tonight.  Otherwise… more next week!

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