Jumpin’ Jack Flash

July 6, 1968 – The Rolling Stones score their fifth US No.1 single when Jumpin Jack Flash hits the top of the charts. (via thisdayinmusic.com)

after dinner

I was talking yesterday about how Elvis put his flavor on blues and it became rock ‘n’ roll.

Here is another good example of putting flavor on a blues. Mick Jagger singing this bluesy song, the band rocking out, Mick’s persona, Keith’s persona, the guitars, the rawness – it don’t get more rock ‘n’ roll than that.

Aretha does a great version of Jumpin’ Jack Flash (from the Whoopie Goldberg movie).

Sometime in the late 70’s or early 80’s when I was living on 57th street, I lived above Media Sound Recording Studio (it’s gone now, there’s some dance club there in its place) but I lived on the 5th floor and the studio was in the basement through the 2nd floor and in my stairwell there was a door to the 2nd floor where some people (not mentioning names here) could sneak into the studio late at night.

The Stones had booked the whole studio for two months.  It was a scene. Fans outside my building, limos lining the street….

Wish I could finish this story with — oh yeah, met Mick, we had a drink, he took me for a ride in his limo, I got to hang with Keith, we jammed, they invited me into the band, I got a nice flat in London —

But NO.  I tried sneaking in that stupid door and some bouncer threw me out. GOOD STORY HEH!

Well today is another beautiful day in the Poconos.  Claudia and I swam in the lake three times and then she made an amazing pizza.

We’re back in the studio this weekend to do some work on our album. I’ll try to post some pictures and soundbytes and if Mick Jagger tries to sneak in my session – Heh, out he goes!

Jumpin’ Jack Flash!




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