Joy To The World

January 14, 1975: Three Dog Night’s Joy to the World: Their Greatest Hits is certified gold!

day 282

I always thought Joy To The World was hokey! I also thought disco was dumb and rap would never last. So I’m glad I stopped being so judgemental and opinionated as I got older. Well, at least I don’t make broad stupid statements out loud. My Uncle John taught me, “If you don’t open your mouth you can’t prove the shmuck that you are!”

I actually like this song now and as I listen to the original, this guy was a great singer. I gotta go listen to the rest of the Three Dog Night greatest hits!  What are they again?

Spent today recording Elle Winter‘s cover of One Direction’s KISS YOU. I’ve never really paid attention to this new boy band, but they sound really good and what a production! I’m going to have to listen to One Direction, too now.

Always something new to explore!

All right! Time for popcorn!

Joy to the World!

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