Jealous Guy

October 1, 1945 Happy Birthday Donny Hathaway!

time for a fire

The first time I ever heard Jealous Guy I was driving in my car with Gavin Degraw in the passenger seat next to me. When Gavin was in the car there was no need to listen to the radio cause Gavin would sing every song he loved a capella and Jealous Guy was one of his favorites!

Then Claudia, who is a huge John Lennon fan, played me the original version and I loved it.  Looking around at versions of this song, I found Donny Hathaway singing it and I was hooked! I listened to Donny’s version maybe a hundred times in one week, which then got me hooked onto all his songs.

Well, we are still in the Poconos and I’m listening to the Yankees on the radio and they just got 9 runs in the 2nd inning against the Red Sox.  That makes me happy.  There is a beautiful full moon hanging low in the sky and half of the moon is in clouds – it looks very spooky! And it’s cold here so I’m going to stoke the fireplace when I get inside.

And by the way, don’t be checking out my wife cause

I’m a very jealous guy!

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  1. Love the blog. I only hear the radio at work because when I’m with my husband it’s all about sports. So I will check out that song. Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

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