Jack of All Trades

September 23, 1949 Happy Birthday Bruce Springsteen!

day 170

I am a big fan of Bruce, and if you’ve been to one of his concerts you know why. This guy gives everything he’s got at every show.

I could have picked any of his hits to sing today but I picked Jack of All Trades because what it does to me.  This song is my relaxing song. I wash dishes to this song.  I drive long drives with this song on repeat.

When I first heard it I had just finished my second gig in a row and after playing 8 hours, Claudia and I were sitting in the Red Lion at 1 in the morning. The place was empty and I was just catching my breath and George the bartender who has great taste in music played it. And I’ll always remember that moment. Not because it was any special moment. I was just exhausted and this song moved me. I love when that happens.  It’s not that often.

Happy Birthday Bruce!


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