October 9, 1940 Happy Birthday John Lennon!

day 186

I had Casey sing Imagine in a 6th grade talent show.  He tore it up. When he gets back home during the holidays I’m going to have him record a version.

Well today was truly an eventful day. We somehow spent over $500 at Costco. How the hell did that happen?

They trick you into thinking you’re getting a bargain but you end up buying toilet paper for a year and enough sponges to clean a mansion.  I live in a 2 bedroom apt. We don’t have room to store all the crap we bought today.

But I do like their snacks and if you go at the right time you don’t have to cook dinner. You can snack away at Costco. They look at you funny when you come back 11 times for the little grilled cheese sandwich sample.  If they made it bigger I wouldn’t have to come back a million times and why should the Costco sample kid who’s about 16 years old be mad if I want 11 little ass grilled cheese sandwiches?

Oh well!


2 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Skip, I discovered you a couple of weeks ago when I was looking at videos for my favorite song ” If You Don’t Know Me By Now.” I love your version. Thank you for “Imagine”. This song makes me happy and sad at the same time. It is so beautiful. I appreciate having a daily music lesson from you! Janice

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