I’m baaaackkkkkk……

Kindle and Paperback available on Amazon

Kindle and Paperback available on Amazon

Hi y’all!

Been a long time since I’ve done my blog. Everything gets so busy — I mean life and all — but I miss writing it down. Writing it down reminds me that I’m doing more than sitting on the couch eating Good & Plenty (which I love) and waiting for Game of Thrones to come on (which I also love).

Now that Casey (my son) is home off the road we have been gigging and writing and recording full time. The Stingers are rocking with my other son Dylan (bassplayer) helping me co-lead these events, which is so much fun. I used to have to shmooze around and now Dylan does the shmoozing! I’ve always said about Dylan, “He could talk a dog off of a meat truck.”

In other news: My good friend Ann from the Red Lion now co-owns and manages this amazing restaurant on 3rd Avenue called Whitman and Bloom! Casey and I are playing there every week in her cool Downstairs piano room, trading off every song we know for 5 or 6 hours a night.

This week we’ll be there Wednesday and Thursday, 5/14 & 5/15. Wednesday is Casey’s birthday, so everyone come on down. The cocktail and food menu is great and we’re bringing a big cake for you all! And as always, you singers can sit in and we make it a big open mic kinda party!

Now the big news for the Brevis family is that Claudia (my Wife) has published her novel, A GAZILLION LITTLE BITS and you can order a kindle version or paperback at Amazon!

It’s a post-apocalyptic New York City in the year 2256 and this book is just the 1st in a series -so everyone pick up a copy! Read it, review it on amazon & spread it around. She is the real brains behind this Brevis organization, and this book is so smart and inventive! And how do you like that cover art? Super-multi-talented Sam Tsui contributed the gorgeous art and design to the project and there’s a map inside that he created as well!

Can u tell i’m proud of my family?

Well, that’s the wrap up. The Stingers are at the Red Lion tomorrow night 5/13 10pm, so come on down and party on Bleecker Street.

There are many gigs and happenings on the horizon so stay tuned.

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