I’ll Take You There

December 19, 2000:  Pops Staples (The Staple Singers) dies. 


I’ll Take You There was the Staple Singers biggest hit! They had this gospel/r&b thing and when we play this at Empire City Casino, the dance floor turns into one huge electric slide! I’ve seen thousands of people do the electric slide for over 30 years and I still can’t do it myself. That’s pretty sad. Maybe my New Year’s resolution will be to learn the electric slide. NOT!

O.K. soon the Christmas season gigs will be finished and we have to get ready for the Brevis family feasts!  We do 7 fishes on Christmas eve (Sicilian tradition) and then we have Christmas dinner on Christmas day —  I’ll list the menu tomorow since i cant remember even though Claudia told me 8 times!

Now that I think of it.  Maybe I will learn the electric slide.

So…about the video….it’s all done and uploading super slow!  We’re checking out using vimeo instead of youtube cause my youtube channel which was originally for Stingers vids is now mostly Today in Music vids and i’m trying to sort them out.  So today’s video will be hosted on Vimeo (if it ever gets there)

If you don’t see it, check back later!


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