I’ll Be There

June 20, 1992 Mariah Carey scored her sixth US #1 single with I’ll Be There. (via thisdayinmusic.com)

with my mother in law, Juliette

So I’m laying in the hammock trying to get my meditation/nap on this afternoon and I’m oh so close to being fully non-thinking/asleep when a freakin mosquito starts doing a fly by in my ear, and there go my oms/zzzs.

And it reminds me of the time Claudia gave me a present of this fancy weekend spa retreat upstate with yoga classes and herbal massages and tai chi and meditation classes and I’m in this morning meditation thing like at 6 a.m in this big room with a tin roof and it’s pouring out.  The sounds are wonderful.  This meditation was extreme.  I was deep in non-thought,  I’m breathing oh so deep. I’m so relaxed and then Claudia tiptoes in and softly whispers in my ear that the car windows are wide open in the parking lot and the car is getting flooded and she needs the car keys from me.  Shoot.

Did I just compare my wife to a mosquito?  Oh boy. No good can come of that.

So, in meditation you’re supposed to be in the right now.  Not the past.  Not the future. If you’re washing a dish you’re supposed to be thinking, “I’m washing this dish.”

My brain ain’t that good yet. You’re supposed to say, “I’m right here, right now.”

Most of the time my brain is saying, “Alright, I’ve been here long enough. Now I’ll be there.”

Nice song.

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