If You Want Me To Stay

March 15, 1944 Happy Birthday Sly Stone!

day 342

Most people think of Sly and the Family Stone as the great funk band of the 70’s but this song, If You Want Me To Stay shows what a fierce R&B singer Sly was.  Great song!

So, this song a day for the year is almost up, just a couple of weeks left — its been crazy doing this every day, so we decided that once I’m done, April 6th I think, I’m going to do one original song a week here.  I’ve been writing songs nonstop for the last week, and my brain is exhausted.

I think one NEW song a week is doable!

We’re hanging around right now, waiting to go shopping at Fairway tonight after 11 cause the store will be empty – it closes at 12 – so we have to shop fast!  I like it that way.

Happy Birthday Sly!  Hope you’re having a good one!

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