If You Don’t Know Me By Now

June 25, 1939 Happy Birthday Harold Melvin!

bbq anyone?

I’m an insane Yankee fan and I share that with my son Dylan. My Dad worked for the Mets – he was an usher behind home plate. Everybody knew him at Shea Stadium. My Dad had his regulars and I remember him bringing home his tips and letting me count them, and I even worked at Shea a couple of summers in high school selling soda. Boy that sucked.

I’d have to scream, “SODA HERE SODA! SODA HERE SODA!” Now that part was kinda cool but the actual getting your tray and keeping track of the money and climbing the stairs in the upper deck — that sucked. Other than a little bartending in college (which is where I met Claudia) I’ve never had any job other than music.  Thank God.  I really have no other skills.

I’m very happy the Yankees beat the Mets last night.  You should hear me and Dylan screaming in the living room. Claudia is always running out and asking what happened because she thinks there might of been an accident or someone died.  She should know by now it’s just the game.

And when she runs out I’ll say “If you don’t know me by now…”

Oh yeah, nice song!  I love singing it on Stinger gigs and even with the Skip Brevis Band.

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