If I Had a Boat

November 1, 1957 Happy Birthday Lyle Lovett!

and then the phone rang

Claudia and I went to a Lyle Lovett concert many years ago at the Beacon Theatre and there were some assholes in our seats and I didn’t see it happen but one of those assholes said something rude to my wife and she punched him.

Don’t mess with my wife.

I really love this song. Especially the line ~Tell Kemosabe kiss my ass. I’m buying a boat.~

Today is also my dad’s birthday.  He would have been 96.

Got a call from my sister Alyson  telling me that my mom fell and broke her hip this afternoon. Oh, mommy!  We don’t have any information yet about surgery or how bad the break is. She’s supposed to come back east for Thanksgiving. Well, mom we are praying you heal fast.

Oh, my mom just called!  She’s in a room, she was chatty (they’re giving her the good pain meds!), got my sister there with her.  We’ll know more tomorrow!

Weird week.  Hurricane.  Blackouts.  Homeless friends and family. Lots of loss.

I want to make some sort of hurricane connection with today’s song If I Had a Boat, but…..

I got nothing!

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