If I Had a Hammer

May 3, 1919 Happy Birthday Pete Seeger!

I love when my son Casey breezes through New York and he’s home for a minute. Most of the time he’s touring the world with Chanticleer.

Pete, Casey & friends

Both my boys are adults but I still picture them in grade school.  Claudia and I sent them to great schools — from kindergarten thru 8th grade they went Manhattan Country School on 96th Street.  I knew immediately when we went to see the school for the first time that it was the right one. We went into their music room and the music director was a gospel choir director and the pianist was this amazing gospel pianist named Ray.  The headmaster and his wife, Gus & Marty Trowbridge, had founded the school based on the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King and were friends with Pete Seeger, so they taught the kids all the top folk songs and the kids even got a chance to perform with Pete!

Lucky me, I’ve got Casey sitting in for today’s video, If I Had a Hammer!  Happy Birthday Pete Seeger.


8 thoughts on “If I Had a Hammer

  1. It’s great to hear Casey and Skip. It makes me miss you all (Dylan and Claudia and Mike and Juliet as well) so much!! xoxo Laura

  2. Tomorrow MCS celebrates its 45th anniversary; in June “Ray” retires; but the dream lives on. So great to see Skip & Casey.

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