I Wish


The first time I met Stevie Wonder was in my Sweetwater days. He came in to hear our Motown show, and a couple of times for other acts.  I always played a few instrumental  songs before each show, so I asked him if he minded if I played one of his songs.  He said no problem so I played I Wish.

Fast forward to when the Stingers and I were playing the Paul Newman event (Hole in the Wall) at Lincoln Center.  I had a killer line up that night  – Ty Stephens, Dachonne Rucker, Stanley Hopkins, Walter Smith, Carla Scott and Cindy Mizelle.  We were rockin the house when I see a big crowd gathering on the side of the stage.  My trumpet player Shareef Clayton (great player) comes over to tell me its Stevie, so I start a vamp –

I wish those days would come backI wish those days would come back

Stevie comes up on stage,  leans in to me and says, “Signed Sealed Delivered in F”

So we ripped the roof off the house. (click here to see the video of that night) I love me some Stevie.

Today, for his birthday, I recorded I Wish!

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