I Will Always Love You

June 8, 1974  Dolly Parton was at No.1 on the US country chart with ‘I Will Always Love You’. (via thisdayinmusic.com)


First things first.  Happy Birthday to my niece Heather!

Today’s song is I Will Always Love You.

WOW!  When I heard Whitney sing this for the first time I was blown away. From the beginning a capella to  the modulation at the end, I thought, “This IS the perfect song and THE perfect performance.”  Later on I found out it was a Dolly Parton song and it figured cause sometimes a country song is so right to the point and simple. No extra section just to be fancy. Just a perfect song.

Looking up the info on this song it was interesting to find that Elvis wanted this song but his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, told Dolly if Elvis recorded the song he would need to get 1/2 of her publishing (a practice that is still very prevalent today). Dolly said no and it’s a good thing she did.  When Whitney recorded it for The Bodyguard soundtrack it became a worldwide number one hit and spent 14 weeks on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Moral of the story: It’s better not to give away your publishing!

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