I Want to Hold Your Hand

October 17, 1963 The Beatles are recording I Want to Hold Your Hand!


It’s too dark out now to show you all how beautiful the foliage is outside here in the Poconos, but I will take a picture tomorrow. The drive into Pennsylvania was something else —  with the red and orange colored trees it looked like a wall of fire and the the clouds looked like someone painted them and then let the brush drip all around the sky. Pretty wild.

I Want to Hold Your Hand was the first Beatles song I ever heard. I was about 7 years old and had just moved into a new neighborhood. It was only 2 miles away but in Brooklyn, neighborhoods change every 5 blocks or so.  Anyway, making new friends was scary. I’m a social guy but where I moved all the kids were about 2 or 3 years older than me and when you’re 7 and everyone else is 9 or 10 that’s a big difference. But after a fight or 2 and my uncanny apptitude for stickball and stoopball, plus having the biggest and bestest stoop in the neighborhood, I was accepted and within a year age didn’t matter.

Now the bad news for today is that our tv here doesn’t carry TBS which as you all know is where the Yankee game is aired. So after I finish this bloggy -poo I am going to drag my wife to some hillbilly bar and watch the game with the locals!

Wish us luck!  I will be holding her hand.

ps – as it turns out, by the time i uploaded this the game was postponed.  So we’ll be watching tv in front of the fireplace and eating popcorn and tangerine ices instead.



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