I Shot the Sheriff

May 10, 1974 Eric Clapton records I Shot the Sherrif!

For the sake of anonymity let’s call my friend “Joe.”

So Joe and I, sometime in the early 80’s, drove up to his summer house (for the sake of anonymity let’s say somewhere up the Taconic).  We took his van late night one night.  We were going to ride dirt bikes the next day.

So we get there after midnight and John says, “I wanna go check something.”

He gives me a flashlight and we start walking.  We climb over some barbed wire and start trekking under power lines and bushes and rocks and I’m asking “Where the hell are we going?” and he just says, “You’ll see.”

So we’re out there about a 1/2 hour and he says, “Six months ago I dropped some “seeds” out here and I want to see if anything grew,” and just as he’s telling me this my flashlight locks on this 8-foot tall plant (tree) and there were another five just like it….

For the sake of anonymity let’s just say we immediately turned it all over to the authorities.


I love nature.  Do you like my back yard?  That’s a dogwood tree waiting to be planted and behind it the hole it’s destined for.

I Shot the Sheriff is a great tune.  Had fun recording it in the back yard, in the wind, with kids in the school next door shouting at recess.

I think all roads lead back to Eric Clapton or the Beatles.


One thought on “I Shot the Sheriff

  1. Love your backyard! What a great and fun idea! Your story about you and ‘John’ is so similar to a memory of mine it gives me chills. Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, (Cream), had a huge influence on my brother and on me. We used to jam for hours, me on drums, my brother on guitar, and learned their live recordings note for note. My brother switched to bass and I to harmonica because of Jack Bruce’s brilliance on both. Thanks and keep ’em coming!

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