I Saw The Light

January 26, 1947 Hank Williams, Sr. writes I Saw the Light!

day 294

Yesterday ‘s song, Jesus Take The Wheel was a contemporary pop God song and today’s song, I Saw The Light, is an old country God song.

Is someone trying to get me to pay attention?

Well it’s working. Claudia and I are going to the Brooklyn Tabernacle tomorrow.  I have a friend in the choir and the service there is so good! And the choir is too!  You have to get there really early for a good seat and since the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir played at Obama’s Inauguration, I’m sure it will be even more packed than usual!

I love Hank Williams songs and old country songs that tell you the whole story in just a few lines, have a melody you can sing back after one hearing and that can be harmonized from beginning to end. Simple and Perfect!

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